free yoga love

I remember the day vividly, as I was sitting in sivasana where I was supposed to be quieting my mind, the idea to start an online business jumped into my head as well as the free yoga love...thank you Universe! I had been licking my wounds following the closure of the brick and mortar store, (ballball Yoga Gear and Activewear), that John, Travis and I created a short 18 months prior. Sadly it closed after being unable to sustain itself, despite our dedicated, and tireless efforts. Nothing gave us more joy than bringing yoga to the people where I had the privilege of capturing cool yoga goodies and the team orchestrated free yoga classes as well as community building projects encouraging yoga for all!  But like many stores we all know and love, the struggle is real and closure is often imminent in the new marketplace. I then took a job at a popular retail apparel chain over the holidays. mostly to validate how I had failed everyone and myself. But what I learned is that I didn't fail, I just learned. We did a lot of things right!  What would happen next changed my life forever. In January of 2018, John left this earth and his passing cracked me wide open. WTF!!!!  So after many months of grieving, I am getting off my asana and creating...items made with love, intention and purpose...for all those looking for connection to themselves and with each other as we long to be free, to be who we are meant to be on this journey. In honor of John and those who struggle, 11% of all profits will be donated to NAMI.  Namaste.

be YOU...always, B